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Since our nation’s founding, noncitizens have served in the U.S. military and fought in every major war. But in recent years, thousands of veterans have been deported by the very country they swore to protect.
This is unconscionable. Congress must act to assist noncitizen service members and veterans with accessing the citizenship they earned. Tell your elected official to support the Veteran Service Recognition Act today.
Those who serve in the military sacrifice for all of us, and many do so under the promise of expedited citizenship. Most are Green Card holders, yet bureaucratic hurdles in the military have impeded their naturalization. Instead, as veterans, many are deported and permanently exiled from the country they served due to a law that bars judges from considering military service in deportation proceedings and problems such as PTSD.


H.R. 4569


  1. Support non-citizen service members to become U.S. citizens by directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DoD) to facilitate opportunities for military recruits and veterans to apply for citizenship during basic training.

  2. ​Ensure that the government considers military service in making decisions on deportation of veterans and immediate family members by requiring DHS to establish a system for identifying noncitizens who are veterans before initiating a deportation and creating a Military Family Advisory Committee to review and recommend whether discretion is warranted regarding the deportation of members of the armed forces, veterans and covered family member.

  3. Create opportunities for deported veterans to return home by providing non-citizen veterans who have been ordered deported and who have not been convicted of serious crimes the opportunity to apply for legal permanent resident status.


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